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error in pda load image file performance in PDA


i am using Windows CE with labview mobile module 8.6 in evaluation version. When trying to use "pda load imege" i get an error code 1, regardless of loading a .bmp, .gif or .jpg, of only 80kb (no diference in the color depth i use). I have tryed the same program in the windows mobile 5 emulator with the same error code. When i use "pda load" to load a .bmp, everything is OK. Some hints about this error?

some hints about missing dll are provided here -> can that be my problem? but then, why same error in the emulator?


Aditionally, if .gif or .jpg have to be "flatened" to pixmap for opeation inside my VI , is there any difference (in terms of speed and memory allocation) in loading .gif .jpg or .bmp? i have to operate with the raw pixmap data in "real time", and flatened .bmp images (320x220) do not load and update fast enough... any advice for that?


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Error code 1 is actually indicating a input parameter is incorrect. This would mean that in this case there is probably something wrong with the Path you are using. Is the path entered to the PDA load  coming from a constant or how are you loading the file? Try using the file dialog to make sure the path to the image is the right one. Did you already try the 'Load Image from File - Windows Mobile.lvproj' example included with the mobile module? If not, try this one to see if it returns the same error.


Basically, jpg and gif should be faster then using bitmap. Altough they are compressed formats, the will require less loading time because of their much smaller size, and also consume less memory. Once converted to raw data however, the format wouldn't really matter anymore.


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Thanks Michiel


Yes i tried with  Load Image from File - Windows Mobile.lvproj with identical results, that is why i think a dll might be missing in my device as sugested in other posts for similar errors.


Indeed most of the operations are in raw data, so i have managed to optimize the code and, altought bmp loading is pretty slow, operation is practically real time (i have to still improve it).


Is there a way to know what dll's are required for this VI to work properly?



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I don't really know what dll's are used by the load image files, I should contact R&D about that. However if this is the problem, it is most likely to be solved by reinstalling the mobile module or one of the necessary components. Please check what extra components are needed for the mobile module at this link:


If this does not help, attach your VI, I can take a look at it and try it here.



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acording to the info provided 


LabVIEW 8.6 Mobile Module

The LabVIEW 8.6 Mobile Module includes the necessary Microsoft tools. The Mobile Module installs ARM Pocket PC and Windows Mobile targets. You only need to download and install the following additional Microsoft tools (linked below) if you need x86 emulator targets:

Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0
Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ SP 4 or later
SDK for Windows Mobile 2003-based Pocket PCs
Note: If you are upgrading from version 8.0 or later of the PDA Module, you probably already have the additional tools. 


Since i have  an ARM pocket PC, i understand from the above that  no extra software is needed. Anyhow, i will try to install the recomended tools. About the VI, well, basically not even the library examples work in my pocket PC, so, you may try those to see if they work on your devices. I am afraid that the pocket PC i got (it is actually a PNA and not a PDA) has a reduced version of WINDOWS CE 5.0 installed and that can be the reason for the error...





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