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error code 1 occurs with build of .exe (problem VI attached)

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Some details:


Error 1 (invalid input)

occurs in and is generated by


No idea which input (of is invalid.

NI, could you please publish a version of with unlocked block diagram. This would help to debug this issue quicker.


Error 1003 (broken VI)

Occurs in (probably of AB_Build.lvclass, maybe also AB_Targetfile.lvclass)


No VI is broken in the project application instance. But it seems to be broken in the build application instance. Maybe there is a bug inside a conditional disable structure with a different enabled state? The first broken VI which is loaded is reported. The problem can be in any of its sub VI.

NI, therefore I ask for a possibility to open the broken VI in the BUILD application instance when this error occurs. This could happen automatically or with a button.





This information was gathered by opening the VIs from a build action and observing their controls during build process.




VI Paths: <vi.lib>\AppBuilder\AB_Classes\Application\ <vi.lib>\AppBuilder\ <vi.lib>\AppBuilder\AB_Classes\Build\
or <vi.lib>\AppBuilder\AB_Classes\TargetFile\
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Have you tried the same thing as MoReece, copying your code into a new VI?  Sometimes a VI can become corrupt, which will cause the errors you have mentioned.  I would also reccommend creating a new LabVIEW project and move your VI's into it, I have seen this work for large projects before.


Go ahead and post your product suggestions here, they are good suggestions.

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Copying the code of which VI to a new one? LabVIEW only tells me that the Main VI is broken. But it probably is one (or several) of its several hundred SubVIs.

Creating a new project would be easier. I gave it a try. (Right. I must do the next release...) In the end I would have to recreate all build specifications, but in the beginning this does not matter.


I created a new project containing only the Main VI and build specification for an executable. I did not include other files than the Main VI.

All I found out is that the error message changes when a conditional disable symbol is set. When it is set it is error 1 as in the original project. (The project has the symbol set too.) When it is not set LabVIEW can not remove the diagram of a broken VI (Error 1502). This VI has a conditional disable structure with the mentioned symbol. But it is not broken on both cases.



I will append my ideas to this idea Better error descriptions for Application Builder (or at leas link to the idea from there). But it looks like some issues are already solved in LV 2012. So I will do same testing first. (I can not switch to LV12 because I need LabVIEW 8.6 for old projects. And there is not DAQmx version supporting bougth versions.)



Now it is time for a reboot. Maybe it does not help. But it is at least a break, not only for the computer but also for me.

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The same as the last time. the following day it worked. (In the original project.)

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I have posted the idea here.

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