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error at niUSRP set time.gvi

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hello, i am new in labview communication and USRP

i'm trying to run mimo ofdm 2x2 in 2 usrp 2922 as Tx and usrp rio(2943) as RX

but i get error like this



error - 1074118627 occureed at niUSRP Set Time.gvi

possible reason(s):

a runtime or configuration error occured.

code: 1299

details: LookupError: KeyError: update_clock_source: unknown source: mimo



error - 1074118643 occureed at niUSRP Write Tx Data (2D CDB).gvi

possible reason(s):


packet had timestamp that was late (or too early)


please help me

thank you

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 Thank you for posting! Looking at your two error reports, they seem to be two very different issues.


For the first one, I'd address to see if you have the correct firmware (based on your screenshots it seems like you do but just to be on the safe side). The below link has more information.


In terms of the second issue, there might be a misconfiguration of the Trigger functionality. I've included more information below including sample problems to get started testing.


Ali S.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Thank you for your reply

the problem is solved after i read niUSRP properties

thanl you

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