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error 2560 "LabVIEW cannot load the USI components.."

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I wrote an executable for one of our mechanical engineers to read .DAT files.  He creates these files from his HBM Genesis Perception software by exporting the PNRF file to DIAdem 8.0 format.  The compiled LabVIEW program works great on my computer.  However, even though our engineer runs my installer program, he can't access the .DAT file.  LabVIEW throws up a 2560 error "LabVIEW cannot load the USI components the Storage VIs require."


I have the full 2011 Professional Suite edition of LabVIEW. Since I can run the compiled program without any errors, what is the magically file(s) that I'm missing from including in the project's .EXE or Installer builder? 




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Hi Ron,


Did you check NI USI in Additional Installer page of your installer build specificaiton?

The Storage VIs depend on USI, so target machine has to get USI installed.


Hope this helps,


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Thank you, Mavis.  I had "NI LabVIEW DataPlugin 2011" checked, thinking that it was the necessary component.  With "NI USI" checked, the correct plugins made it into the install.

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