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error -2555 with tdms

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Pretty wierd and can you check for the readonly condition
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The file is not read only but marked as "Windows can compress it". (I don't know how this option is called in windows-english)


But what I just found:


When I completly rewrite the VI (not copy and paste) it works as before!


Well the VIs were written when TDM first was introduced and since then a few LV Versions passed by.

And with each version I had to recognize some changes in the TDM(then TDMS) System and VIs.

Maybe the error can be found there.

E.g. I found these small Error -2532 deleting VIs in my code (I did not put them there!)




And also I had an issue with the LV Service when some other VIs of the same project were impossible to open with LV2009. (It was only solved with the SP1)



All in all I think I have to rewrite the VIs to solve this.......

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I have just extracted the essence of the error.


Could someone please try to run this LV2009SP1 VI ?


When I run it an error pops up that should not be there.


Can anyone confirm this? 

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Accepted by topic author CtheR

Hi CtheR,


I can reproduce the error popup in LabVIEW 2009 SP1.

It's a bug of the code generation of the Read Data Express VI, resulting a subVI having an unwired error out.

CAR# 211619. Thanks for reporting the issue!



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Just came across the same code snipped from 6 years back. Just want to say that the code now works with LV2015. So the car# got processed. Late kudo given.

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