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error -2555 with tdms

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Hi Forum,


I converted my project to LV2009 SP1.


It occured that two of my VIs that contained tdms storage vis show error -2555 during run time.

This would not bother me but all error ins and outs are connected and catched by routines.

When the error flashes and I stop the program Labview zooms to the error, but in this case it zooms to a white space of the vi.


What causes this? Copying and pasting the VIs code into a new VI did not help!


Greets CR

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I got a good picture of the problem:

See the square where the error is shown. This should not be there!

error look.png

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Hi CtheR,


Would you please attach your VIs or a screenshot so that we can look into it?




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Do you know you can customize subvis with the matching background color? maybe the error is occuring there. Can you select the rest of of the code and paste it as a new vi and run it?

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Hi Mavis!


The picture above your post is a Screenshot of one of those VIs.

(They all belong to a an undo-system for a measurement program)




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error2555 -
LabVIEW cannot write to a read-only data storage file.
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Hi muks!


Yes, Error 2555 means this and this really happens (it tries to delete an empty file)

but all error outputs and inputs are connected and at the end given to a error catching routine.

So LV should not state an error here.

Especially not in a clear area of the screen.....


What was this about the background? Do you mean a white SubVI? No, there is no VI. I can't click it or select it.


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The square means some code/subVI inside one of the three Express VIs.

The error might suggest that the TDMS file is read-only. Could you please check it ?



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To clearify that:


The screenshot I posted was taken exactly in the moment when LV showed the error after I pressed stop on the error message.

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An Error inside the expressVI makes sense but why is the error still stated when I connect the error output? (whether the file is read only or not?)

Message Edited by CtheR on 03-02-2010 03:45 AM
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