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error 1073


What I'm trying to do: Load items into an enum from a file.


How I'm trying to do it: As a first step I am trying to load the contents of the enum from a control. As shown in the image below I have an enum that I've prepopulated with default values. This feeds a case structure that has a case for each enum value.




Here's the error message I get when I try to run the VI:




Can anyone tell me why I'm getting Error 1073 and how to fix it? Or is there another way to accomplish what I'm trying to do that would avoid this error?

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Well, as the message says, you can only make changes when the VI is in edit mode and that means you can't run it and make changes at the same time. A quick search found this post.
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I mistakingly replaced a text ring with an enum control and was trying populate the strings of the control programatically and received the same error you did.  Apparently you can do this with a text ring and not with an enum.  I went back to the text ring and the problem went away.  Maybe this would work for you.
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I found this very usefull code in a post I can't find back. The author information are in the block diagram.


This code is used to convert an array of string to an enum control, type def or strict type def.



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It is an amazing tool.Thank you very much!

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