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error 1046 scilab

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I have this exact same error, but my situation is slightly different...

I just installed LV2014 (32 bits) (for any reason, only the 32 bits version was available on the DVD I just received).

I'm running Scilab 5.4.0 and installed the latest version of the gateway I found on the NI website (

I installed the 32 bits version of the gateway and I get the 1046 error code when trying to run a simplistic scilab script.

Can LV 32 bits and Scilab 64 bits interoperate or is this the reason for this error to be returned ?

I checked the registry and the SCIPATH matches the place where scilab is actually installed.



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I tried the link that you attached, but it would not work for me.  Do you have the Scilab Gateway Version 1.2?


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Kale Woosley
Applications Engineer
National Instruments

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I'm using version

I rinstalled a LabVIEW 64 bits ersion and it works fine now. I guess LabVIEW 32 bits is not supposed to work with a 64bits Scilab install.

Best Regards


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