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error 10401 with AI Group Config

I get an error 10401 (the specified device is not NI product, the driver does not support the device or the device has not been configured using the Measurement and Automation Explorer) when using AI Group
I am using LV 7.1 and a PCI-6071E card.
When I go to MAX, I have verified that the device name is the same than the one used in the vi. When I test the PCI-6071E in MAX, there is no error.
 I really don't know what to do now. The LV code I am using has been developped with LV 6.1, I am using LV 7.1. Is it an issue ?
On my PC, I have installed NI-DAQ 7.
Thanks for your help,
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Hi Laurent,

This could be due to the use of Traditionnal NI-DAQ (legacy). Open MAX and go to Devices and Interfaces, right-click Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) Devices and click on Reset driver for Traditional NI-DAQ.

See this KnowledgeBase for further details and let me know the result of DAQ.
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Hello Mathieu,

on my PC, only NI-DAQmx was installed. I have installed Traditional NI-DAQ and the problem is solved. The error 10401 was removed.

I appreciate your support,


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