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I am using labview to control a couple of APT motors  from Thorlabs in sequence with a few other machines and I am having trouble communicating with the motors. Previously (last week), I had been able to succesfully call, connect and manipulate the motors through labview. Now however, without changing any of the labview program, I am getting and error code (error 10109) that tells me that the hardware control has been disabled. I can control the motors fine through the APT interface software that comes with the motors so I know that the computer is connecting to them but I am not sure why the motors are all of the sudden unreachable.


The attached program has worked in the past until today without any changes being made to it. It is simply a loop that tells one motor to move in steps between the other motor's steps.

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Hello Kai, 


Thank you for posting on our discussion forums. After searching around for this error 10109 that you are receiving, it appears that we have no documentation or resources to help explain or resolve this error. That most likely implies that it is being thrown by Thorlabs' motors from the invoke nodes in your program. It would certainly be helpful to contact Thorlabs and see if they have any documentation on this error. 


Other than that, the best advice I have to offer is to first double check and make sure that you are in fact using the correct hardware serial number (which is found from the APT interface software). I would also close all of your programs down, restart your computer, and then only pull up your LabVIEW program and try and run it again. 


I suggest this because this error could possibly result from having both your LabVIEW program open and the APT Interface Software. This can cause an error from having the references reserved and having both programs attempting to call it. 

Huntington W
National Instruments
Applications Engineer

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Also, if you have not already seen this PDF from Thorlabs, it may be helpful in troubleshooting and for developing your code in LabVIEW.

Huntington W
National Instruments
Applications Engineer

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I am getting an error with the motors as well, code 18041812. It says an invalid parameter has been passed to my relativeMoveEx function. I set it to 3 for 3mm. I'm not sure if there is a range that I must stay within or what is going on.


Any help is great.


Thank you very much,



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Good morning Paige,

Unfortunately NI does not directly support the Thorlabs hardware. Because of this, our documentation is mostly within the forums. For this issue I think that the best option would be to take a look at ThorLabs website and documentation. After taking a look a their website they seem to have some prepackaged VI's that have basic to advanced motor control VI's. 


LINK to Thorlabs APT to LabVIEW page:


I assume that you are using some sort of invoke node in LabVIEW. The process of using invoke nodes with APT starts on page 25 of the user guide attached.


LINK to "User Guide to LabVIEW & APT"


If you have never gotten your code to work successfully I would suggest trying to run one of the prepackaged VI's Thorlabs has posted, or if you have had success, try a full power cycle of your system. I can not comment with certaintly about the ranges your motors may have, but if you check the documentation on their website you may find ranges of motion for your specific motor. Best of luck!


Spencer R

Applications Engineer, NI

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Hello Spencer,


I have those references and have not found them useful for this problem, unfortunately. The vi was running perfectly fine with the same parameters previously, which is why the error is so strange.


Thanks for the help,


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