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error 0xBFF6001F Cannot detect recognizable video source

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Hi all


I am using HiSensemk II CCD camera.I am trying to grab an image in MAX.But it says "Cannot detect recognizable video source".


What coluld be wrong with it?



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Accepted by topic author sgirgin
03-14-2016 09:21 AM

Ok i solved the problem myself.I have chosen the img0:NI PCI-1428 out of 4 img selection.I dont know what the difference with img1.Both of them is the same but anyway it works with img0

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Do you have the company's Frame Grabbers installed on your PC?  Do you have NI IMAQ drivers installed?  Note that this special hardware is an exception to the observation that most cameras work with IMAQdx drivers -- this one, with its specialized Frame Grabber, requires IMAQ.


Is MAX able to "see" the Frame Grabber on the PC?  Does MAX see the camera?  Can MAX do a Snap?


Bob Schor

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