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erreur 200361

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I have this error when I want to acquire 6 parameters at 100kHz I have the NI USB 6361 card. I use the NI USB 6361 card,?
Do I save it correctly in a TDMS file?

how can I fix this problem

thanks in advance

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What is your Number of Sample for DAQmx Timing and Number of Sample per Channel for DAQmx Read?

You might want to read the following articles to understand how the buffer works.

Error -200361: Buffer Overflow Error

Understanding and Avoiding NI-DAQmx Overwrite and Overflow Errors

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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I do the acquisition continuously, I want to recover 100000 ech/second; I tried to specify for each but it doesn't work

yes I read and tried the proposed solutions but it doesn't work and I really need to reach 100kHz

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1. Post the code after setting your front panel controls to typical values and saving back a few LV versions (2020 or earlier will be helpful for me).


2. This error is at a system & driver level and there may not be a lot you can do directly in your code.  But you *could* experiment to find the breaking point by trying to acquire at a lower bandwidth.  Try 6 channels at 50 kHz, then 25 kHz.  Try 3 channels at 100 kHz, then 1 channel.

    This is more about clue-gathering than an immediate solution.


3. Try to eliminate other competition for the USB bus or other things putting demands on your PC.  Be sure your DAQ device connects directly to the PC and not through a hub.  Got any other "busy" USB devices you can take offline?



-Kevin P

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