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epos motor rs232

Hi, i'm interesting in controlling a DC Motor Epos using LabView, in order to do that i've used the library especified at this url, but when i try to execute the demo program included in the url before it sends to me an error in the first step of the configuration proccess, and as possible reasons it says to me "Handle is not valid", so i can't communicate with my Epos Motor through the RS-232 serial port. I've put all the libraries requested in the especified folders, can anybody help me? 
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Hello mikiplus86,


I'm sorry but this example is for CAN controllers. Yo needs an CAN interface to control these motion Controllers. In this link you can read:


"...To communicate with the EPOS you need a HighSpeed CAN Device from National Instruments found below."


The LLB is based on NI-CAN driver functions, so you needs a NI CAN device controlled by this driver.

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Thanks a lot by the help, but i've found an option which allows me to control the Epos using the RS232 interface,however i continue with the same error, so it must be due to other cause and i will have to follow working on that, i think that the problem can be something related with the correct working of the interface, but is completely sure that it's possible to control the Epos with LabView using RS232, the use of the OpenInterface is only required if you need a high speed communication, it's the only that i can say at this moment, i hope to find the error and post it.
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mikiplus86 a écrit:
but is completely sure that it's possible to control the Epos with LabView using RS232
I have successfully developped several applications using this setup. The EPOS ship with a CD-ROM containing the LV library. Contact your local maxon motors office if you should miss this library. Attached is (may be not the least version of) a document that shows how to control an EPOS with LV.
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