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end point data from usb 2.0

plz does anybody tell me how to read the data from end point 2,4,6 or 8 from usb raw 2.0  (min 4 byte to max 1024) or how to confirue the usb visa  properties? plz it's very urgent.

thanking you.
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Hello Robin,
I guess you are using LabVIEW. Have you tested the example USB Raw – from LV NI Example Library? This example should work properly for you.LAbVIEW>>Help>>Find  Examples>>search for USB >>choose USB
Before you run this VI, install a USB RAW device and configure NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) to recognize the USB device. You can read to and write from the USB RAW device only after you install and configure the USB RAW device and open a session to the device.

In my opinion, the attached KnowledgeBase could be helpful. This document includes a lot of details about your issue.
How Can I Communicate With a Device Using NI-VISA USB RAW Mode?

Best regards,

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