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electrical measurements and calculations

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Dear All


I had use this software for a long time.

I am using 2 analog voltage and current sensors that connect to ni usb 6009.

I am measure temperature too with a lm35.

The sin of voltage and current seems correct. Multiply this 2 sin I have the power (watt)

The problem becomes to calculate joule because I integrat but the results are not convincent.

In 60 seg I should have 1000Wx60seg=60000 Joule

I am using a heater with 1000w power. I should have Joule/360000=kWxh and in 1 hr I should have a value near it. But no.

Can somebody see my code and give me a help?








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cpalka wrote:  Can somebody see my code and give me a help?

No, because you password protected the VI.


And since we do not have your hardware, it would help if you did a small run and then saved the values as default so that we can analyze the data as well.

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Sorry the mistake


No password now



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Accepted by topic author cpalka

Here is the solution


The problem were in the integration (I only have 1 sample, the mean) but multiply this mean by the total number of samples gives the correct number of joules.



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Thanks for posting back with your solution.  Smiley Happy


No offense but your block diagram was a bit messy until I ran the clean-up tool on it.  It worked very well in this case.  Try it out...

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