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electrical isolation test

i need to do an electrical isolation test...can it be done in labview?

what module do i need to look at?




Ensure circuits are electrically isolated from each other at 300VDC 



Measurment Range

0-200MΩ or ≥1.5µA


how would i go about doing this in labview?


i am currently doing this with a FLUKE INSULATION meter but i would like to do it iin labview.

thanks in advance

Best regards,
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That kind of testing is very specialized and requires considerable attention to safety.  I recommend that you find a testing instrument which can communicate with the computer, perhaps via RS-232 or GPIB. Use the computer to monitor the instrument and record the results.  LabVIEW can easily do that.  A quick look at the Fluke web site did not show any communication capability for their instruments.


A simple on-line search found dveices from AEMC, Amprobe, Megger, and perhaps others do have communications capability.



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Hi krispiekream,


Your FLUKE INSULATION don't have NI drivers already developped and no SCPI commands. I suggest you to find a new instrument with SCPI commands which will allow you to developp your bench test with LabVIEW. I am using several FLUKES instruments in some benches, it works great. You need comunication capabilities for your instruments (ethernet, GPIB, RS, ....) then developp your application with VISA or IVI. Manufacturers usually give you drivers (VI tree) to comunicate with their instruments. Check it out




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NI don't have any modules or hardwell/pci cards that can do the job?


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Not that I'm aware of. I've used several different hipot testers and the remote programming abilities vary widely so it pays to read the manual before making a purchase. Some only allow initiating a test and getting a pass/fail result back.
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