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electrical generator automation implementation in labview

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I am a graduate student. I am doing my final project on automation of electrical generator.

my project is->

I want to sense,input AC voltage(mains voltage),temperature,fuel level,load current. If mains voltage is interrupted it will automatically shift on the other power supply to start the generator. Now it will keep sensing temperature of the generator. If it goes beyond 50 degrees celcius then generator will be automatically shut down. If the fuel level goes below certain level then it will sound an alarm. At the same time i want to show temperature and fuel level on the LCD display.

this is all about my project.

I want to ask can i implement this project using LABVIEW and FPGA ?

what devices i will have to purchase for this (FPGA board)?

what approximately will be the the cost of the sensors and board devices?  

please help.I will be very greatful to you.


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Hi appakelkar,


Your best option to get these questions answered is to speak with your local sales representative or to go to

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Accepted by topic author appakelkar

I agree with Smootastic, but NI will not be able to provide all you need to make all these measurements.  You're talking about a wide range of sensors for all these tasks.  You will need thermocouples and/or RTDs/themistors for the temperature measurements (see or, you'll need a level meter (Omega, Newark, Allied Electronics, etc), current meter with output, and an alarm (Grainger? McMaster Carr?).  You've got some catalog searching to do.


I'm not sure FPGA is necessary for this, have you considered Compact Fieldpoint?  Your NI rep can advise you better.

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