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In LabView project how to edit the user created control for example I I following Control and And want to change its Magnitude  from 5,10,15,...,35 to 2,4,6,..10

please help

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The control is actually a Picture Control.  So it will display whatever image you write to it.  Not exactly worthy of a custom control in my opinion.

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Sorry if wrong qestion but i am new in LabView... at that path I have two type of files .iak , .bin  is this format are use as picture ?

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What is it that you are trying to do?  What type of Control are you creating?  If it is a numeric Control (i.e. its value will be a number, say a Dbl, or an I32), then 

  • Start with a Numeric Control that resembles what you want.
  • Examine its properties.  Can you get what you want just by changing the Properties?  Use the Help menu.
  • For more radical changes, create a Custom Control (a.k.a. a TypeDef).  Open the Control and Edit it by clicking on the Wrench (change it to Tweezers).  Use the Help menu.

Bob Schor

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"iak" file were files that stored the configuration of old FieldPoint hardware.


I am guessing you grabbed a picture control indicator that was used for a special type of plot. If so the code that writes to the picture is inserting the scale. You would have to share the entire VI and sub-VIs for us to confirm that theory.



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A few notes on the control...

The picture is 32767 pixels wide. Scales + legend take 800 pixels. Any reason to do it?

Control has both scales and graph. Is there any reason to do it?

You have to redraw whole picture every data change, legend location is specified programmatically, no tools to work with graphs, cursors.

If I was in ultimate need of crossed scales, one option is to put picture of a scale (or even 2 sliders) on background and draw data on labview XY graph with fixed scale, identical dimensions and transparent everything except plots.

Another option is to use third party graph tools that offer crossed scales.

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