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edge detection


I'm currently working on a graduation project with EVS-1464RT,
and I need to do image edge detection but I'm not allowed to use IMAQ EdgeDetection,
thank you in advance for your help

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If you want us to do your "Graduation Project" for you, you've come to the wrong Forum.  If you want us to provide help for problems you are having with your Project, then attach your LabVIEW Project.  [You should be using LabVIEW Project to organize the multiple VIs in your Project -- simply compress the folder containing all of your VIs and the LabVIEW Project file and attach the resulting .zip file].


Bob Schor

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Thank you for replying but i didn't ask for realising my project i just wanted to ask if it's possible to realise the edge detection without IMAQ Edge detection, and my project is Not that.

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Yes, you can write code to detect an edge.  When you do such analyses, it is usually easier to talk about with grey-scale object, where each pixel is a "shade-of-grey" contained in a U8.


Let's consider an image with a horizontal edge, being black (0) for y<100 and white (255) for y>= 100.  How would you locate the edge?  You'd simply look for a value of Y where the pixel value underwent a large change.


But what if the edge wasn't horizontal?  And what do you do if there's simply a tiny black dot in a sea of white?  Is that an "edge"?  The "Good News" is that it is your algorithm, and you get to define what you mean by "edge" and how you define it.  The bad news is there is a whole lot of computation to be done ...


Bob Schor

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thank you bob, is it possible but i dont know how to do image filtering with Imaq convolute.Capturehh.PNG

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As you've already discovered, LabVIEW Vision does not have a lot of Examples nor explanations.  There are a few books that have been written, but I've recently moved and have not finished unpacking my books to find the ones that I have.  However, edge detection of images is a fairly common thing to do, so there are almost certain to be examples on the Web (or descriptions in other programming environments, such as Matlab or Mathematica) that you can study to learn the basic principles and then translate to LabVIEW.


If you are going to "experiment with LabVIEW", I'd recommend creating something like a checkerboard Image (with, say, 50 x 50 pixel alternating black and white squares) and applying your convolution and other filters to it to understand how they work.


Bob Schor

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do you have examples

for this ?

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THE REAL probleme is how to do the filtering i tested but it dosn't work the solution is that i need examples of image filtering WITH labiew i do know how do it  with MATLAB.

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I need vi example of image filtering ( transferring image to matrix and convolution with filter matrix)

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