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dynamically choose fpga front panel object used in fpga interface read/write control


I have a need to be able to select which input in a fpga board i would like to monitor, I was intending to use the read/write control method and front panel indicators. I there a way to select which front panel indicator i am looking at, during runtime without using a case statement with each case being a particular pin. I have a lookup table where I can add the indicators name to the information for the chanel so i can pass in the name to a vi, but not sure if there is a way of using this information to select the indicator.


Thanks in advance for any help or if there is a better option that i havent thought of



Please remember to accept any solutions and give kudos, Thanks

LV 8.6.1, LV2010,LV2011SP1, FPGA, Win7
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Hi Akiel,


Thanks for your question, I'm guessing the reasoning behind this is that you have a large number of indicators?


Whilst there isn't an in-built way of dynamically referencing which indicator on the FPGA to read from, there is a custom FPGA interface tool which may be of some use to you:


If you read through this, let me know if this helps or if you need any help understanding what this is doing.


Ben Clark
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