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duty cycle measurement with a low frequency



You are correct, no pulse, no frequency, no data able to cross any reference lines and thus read by a histogram.  As I cannot find a sub VI that will read extreme Duty cycle values without saying there is an error or that D.C. is 50%, I have come to a solution: get rid of the darn VIs that use these means of measurement.  Instead I used the "Amplitude and Level Measurements" VI and looked at the RMS output.  I knew from my input, +12V should be 100%, and 0V should be 0%.  After creation of a table that correlates these variables (equation via MatLab), I then had a valid means of seeing RMS, converting, and reading Duty cycle.  I was then able to manipulate my data later in the application.  Success!


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It is good that you found a solution.


Even though your signal is digital in nature, an analog measurement does the job in this case.


Sometimes looking at a problem from a different perspective helps.  That is one of the big values of this Forum: the participants come from many different backgrounds.



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