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dual channel frequency measurement



I'm trying to implement a modal analysis with an impulshammer and a laservibrometer. I figured out, implementing both channels with a string on the Now, if I want to read each channel with an Index Array, I only get a signal from the impulshammer. I checked that with the Array/Teil-Array. How do I get a signal from the second channel?

I know there's some more signal processing to do, but that's not what i focus on now.

Thanks for any proposals and help I get!!


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I think you are acquiring with the DAQmx API ? So the result should be a 2D array.


When you like to split the 2 D array to get the values for each channel you have to use the Index Array function and only wire the input index(row) and not index (col)


you can do it like this (VI snippet)


Snippet BD.png


Kind regards





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the index array is the same as it is in your example. I accurately read the LabVIEW help page which helped me to implement the index array correctly. I don't know where else could be a mistake. Do you have an idea?

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