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drivers required for LV build deployment

I am deploying a LV program on to a new pc with win7.  New pc has NI LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 2010 SP1, NI_Visa 5.4.0, NI-VISA Runtime 5.4.1, NI-DAQmx 9.8.0, NI Update Service 2.3,  NI-488.2 3.1.2.


The build was done with LV 2010.    Besides installing the build files what drivers do I need to put on the new pc?   Do instrument drivers go into the build or do they need to be installed on new pc?

If needed, where do they go?


Thank you!


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What instruments?


In general, just try what you know of.  If it doesn't work, then figure out what else you might have to add.  It will normally tell you what is missing if the executable is missing something.


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In these situations, it's useful to have a virtual machine (VM) set up with a fresh installation of Windows that you can use for testing your installers. Run the installer on the fresh installation and see if the applcation runs correctly - hardware interfaces (e.g. USB, Serial, Ethernet) are generally pretty well supported by VMs.


Most VM software offers 'snapshots' allowing you to roll back to before the installation so you can try again etc.

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I am not using an installer and virtual machine.  Just copying all files and folders resulting from a build on to a new pc.

The new pc was not seeing the Analysis lvlib.   So I moved that from dependents into main area of the project and then did the build.   That fixed that problem.

then I also needed to install the 2010DCT and 2010RGT.


all good now.




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Please use an installer.
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