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does NI PXI-8250 System Monitor supported in LabVIEW real time ?




My question:


1.NI PXI-8250 System Monitor supported in LabVIEW real time ?


If the answer is 'No', any idea to make it to be supported ? 🙂



I have visited and trying to attach the VI to the RT project. But an error occured during compilation. 



I then try with a simpler VI "Monitor CPU vi" and it failed too. (I have tried to change the 'localhost' to the PXI RT ip address).. Seems like a dll won't supported in real time. 


Error message from RT Video output showed "Error loading 'niSysMon.dll":Missing export'setsecurityDescriptorGroup' from 'ADVAPI21.dll' .."


Here I attach the screenshot. Please advise. Thanks.



Message Edited by engwei on 07-02-2009 05:52 AM
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Hello Eng Wei,


From the NI System Monitor 1.1 Readme document, LabVIEW Real Time 8.6 is listed as one of the supported OS, and PXI-8250 is a supported hardware if used with the PXI-1042/1042Q and PXI-1045 chassis. Thus, fulfiling these criteria, the PXI-8250 is supported in LabVIEW Real Time.


From your screenshot, the name of your RT target has "PXI8110 controller"; can I just confirm with you if you are indeed using the PXI-8110 controller? Currently, the PXI-8110 controller is not officially supported on NI System Monitor 1.1. From another support request, only part of the monitoring functionality works with the PXI-8110 in Windows, as for LabVIEW Real Time it was not tested before. Official support for the PXI-8110 controller should be added in the next release of NI System Monitor, but unfortunately at this point we do not know when will that be.


For the meantime, perhaps you can replace the PXI-8110 with one of the supported PXI controllers (8105,8106, 8108), and test if you can successfully deploy the System Monitor program.



Best regards,



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Hi lhaoxian,


Thanks for your reply.  My chassis here is PXI-1045, controller PXI-8110, with PXI-8250 attached to the last slot, and running in Labview real time 8.6.


Controllers over here are running other OS version, and for some other project too.



So the next release of NI System Monitor might be the only solution ..


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