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.dll not loaded even after path is provided

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I am using a .dll from .NET with my LabView 8.6 application. It works, until I try to build it with Application Builder. It says this:

So I point LabView to it, and then:

How is this possible, that when I point to the directory of .dll, it still does not find it? I tried putting it in different directories, also the support directory and data directory, but it all ends this way. How do I solve this?

The weird thing is there are like 5 dlls, and this is the only one it asks it for.

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Are you using Windows 10? LabVIEW 8.6 is not even listed as compatible with Windows 7...


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Compared to the development environment, the runtime environment (EXE) doesn't recognize the folders <vi.lib>, <user.lib> and <instr.lib>.

Your screenshots indicate that the assembly is located in the instr.lib. You have to include the dll in your build script and copy it to a dedicated folder.

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I am sorry, but I do not understand what you mean by "build script" and which folder are you referring to. Could you elaborate? 

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So I finally found the solution for it: My .dll was built using .NET 4.0 framework, but according to, LabView defaults to 3.5. So I followed the instructions there and fixed it. However, I must note that it took too much time finding this information.

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