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displaying recording data in real time


I have a problem displaying recording data in real time. Data comes from an external device and are displayed in real-time in an indicator on front panel but I cannot view them on the chart. I attached my VI and a printsreen of its panel too. Can you help me please? Thank you in advance.

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Don't use 0 for your T0.  The chart will put your data points starting at that time.  Therefore all of your data is just going to appear on top of itself.  Maybe you should just wire the array straight to your chart terminal.


Also, your call through System Exec only happens once.  Maybe that should be moved inside of the outer While Loop.  Otherwise you are just processing the same data really, really fast with no benefit.

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Your VI consists of an unlabeled SystemExec function that returns a single String, and a While loop that repeatedly parses this String.  So whatever values are present in the String when the Loop first runs will be analyzed over and over (yielding exactly the same results) and will be repeatedly plotted.


The term "real time" occurs in your Title and in the body of the message.  There is no "time" present in this VI -- the While Loop runs "as fast as it can", with no new data ever coming into it.


I suspect you know nothing about LabVIEW -- you certainly don't seem to understand the Principle of Data Flow that determines how data enter and leave Structures, and how data flow proceeds within a Structure (such as a While Loop, or a sub-VI).  Spend a few hours with the LabVIEW Tutorials such as those referenced on the first page of this Forum, or find/hire someone who knows LabVIEW to teach you or do this for you.


Bob Schor

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