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displaying extended numbers in LV 6i

Hello Andy,
thank you again for your interest in this matter. I cannot easily upgrade to a newer version of LV, because I work on Macs, where it is tied with hardware (i.e. LV 7 is only available for Mac OS X ans this one does not work with the PCI-GPIB cards, only with the external Ethernet-GPIB box). I used the units feature for dimensions control during modelling implementation, so that I am warned if I the expected dimensions at the end don't match the expectation ones. I think I will settle for a two-step process, where I build the VI with units first and when the units are checked, I drop the units everywhere. In my case at least it won't take too long.
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Here is a screenshot of what I was talking about for adding units on the Block Diagram.  It's a little extra work, but if you need to use units and don't want the display to be messed up, here's how!

Hope this helps!
Andy F.

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