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display different colors in one led

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I want to display 3 warning light( with different color) in the same LED I can not figure it out. any suggestion thank you 

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Accepted by jiji_830

An LED is a boolean, and thus has only two states (T or F).


Of course you can change the colors of these state with property nodes, which is a bit of a kludge.


A better solutions would be to use a colorbox (it can be made to look like an LED).

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plz help me how i can display the following warning light

low temperature ===> yellow light

normal temperature===> green light

high temperature ===> red light



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how ? should i use case structure ?? Thank you

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Sorry, I cannot look at your VI because I don't have LabVIEW 2021 here. Consider "save for previous" to get more responses.


@jiji_830 wrote:

should i use case structure ?? 

Why a case structure?? Yes, you could use one, but there are plenty of ways that don't need one and these solutions are probably more elegant.


Did you look at some of my examples in my earlier link?

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yes I did look at your examples but still not figure it out

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As I said, do a "save for previous" so I can look at the VI.

(From the gigantic oversized picture you posted (please crop it to the interesting parts!!!) you need to continue with the basic tutorials because that code makes absolutely no sense. For example, you compare a red and a green diagram constant and these are never equal, right? So what's the point? Where do you define the loop rate? Why is there even a while loop because since the subVI is outside it will only run once once and then never again, so the values in the tunnels will never change.)

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Accepted by jiji_830

See if you can figure this one out:




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