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dispalying Subvi data continiously on main vi front panel

I have a project that have Multiple subvi. In one of the subvi s I am measuring the voltage and current multiple contniously and I want to show this measurement at the same time on my front panel of the main Vi. In that sub vi I have multiple case structures and while and for loops and I wired the measurement to the global variable that I created as a Measurement cluster. Now my question is how can I show this information from global variable on the front panel?


I created a measurement cluster on my main vi and I created a reference and property node to write from global variable to it, but it only shows the last value, how can I modify it in a way to show the continues measurement , simple the same way that global variable is showing?

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You didn't attach your subVIs.  And I don't see global variables you are talking about.


I also don't see any references and property nodes being written to for those references.


The proper thing to do is create a reference to your front panel indicator and pass it into the subVI.  Inside the subVI, you wire that reference to a property node and write the new value to the value property of that node.


Search the forums and the example finder.  Search terms such as "reference" "subVI".

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Sorry I have too many subvi I couldnt attach all, I attached some of them here. on my man vi I used to have the refrence from front panel wired to property node and the global variable wired to value, inside the for loop, but it just shoed me the last value from golbal variable and was not refreshing contniously.


I also tried the refrence wired to subvi and that also does not work in this case becasue it updates the value after it finish running the subvi, and it does not update the value on the fron panel continously while running the subvi.

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If you what to attach a project that has multiple files, the zip the project and attach the zip file.

Make it clear what files you have problems with.

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here is the zip file , I want to display measurments from global measurment on the Main EPL front panel.


sorry I thought it does not let me upload zip file! thats why I was uploading each file separately.

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@parissa_wall3 wrote:

Now my question is how can I show this information from global variable on the front panel?

You could just read your global in your VI that has the display and write to your indicator.  Personally, I think all GUI stuff like this should go through an Event Structure, so I would use an User Event.

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