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digital signature for FTDI 2232h driver for windows 10.

I have made a system where I am using FTDI2232h to get high speed data from an FPGA in Labview 2010 via USB port.


It works well with windows 7.

Windows 10 require digital signature for this driver.


Can anybody help me to get the digital signature for windows 10.



Jagdish Prasad



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AFAIK Digital signing a driver is a time-consuming process (and I believe you need to pay too if releasing publicly).


This is a good starting point while other experienced members share their guidance.



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There are a number of ways to access FTDI chips. The most simple is to use the official FTDI VCP driver but that requires the interface to work as UART. 
Then you have the FTDI DLL interface. That lets you operate the chips as UART, I2C, SPI or your own custom bitbang interface. Both these drivers are from FTDI and officially signed by them.


You seem to have chosen the most complicated solution, to interface to the chip directly through VISA USB Raw. And yes a VISA INF file is also a driver that needs to be signed for Windows 10 to load it. But NI can’t sign it for you since it only exists after you created it and letting VISA sign it would require NI to put their private key into NI-VISA and a private key is called private for a reason. Anyone having it could fake his malicious software to be signed by NI, so that key is something NI only wants to be stored on very well secured on premise devices.


Your options really are the following only:


- Don’t use Windows 10 or newer

- Change your interface to use the official FTDI DLL.

- Disable driver signing requirement in Windows policies (this is not something you should do on production systems and you definitely can’t expect customers to do that)

- Buy a signing certificate from an official CA (Certification Authority). This is a yearly expense of several 100 bucks.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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can you refer some CA, whom I can pay and get digital signature of the driver.


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I'm not recommending any specific CA. But here you have a starting point to educate yourself about some of the more commonly known ones. It is however your responsibility to investigate if they fit your needs and what options they offer and which of them fits your requirements.


Also notice that for the latest Windows platform self signing a driver is not really enough. You also need to register at Microsoft Development center, sign your driver with an EV (Extended Validation) certificate, run your driver through some Microsoft test suite, and then send the signed driver with the test results to Microsoft so that they can sign it with their own certificate and return it to you. Rinse and repeat for every time you make even a single bit modification to your "driver".

Rolf Kalbermatter
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