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digital change detection on PFI Lines?



I am using PXIe-6363 DAQ card.


I figured that the digital change detection works for Port0 digital inputs. I am not able to get it to work for PFI0 line (Port1 Line0).


My question is - Does digital input change detection work for PFI lines in PXIe-6363 card?




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Hello jeet, 


I took a look in the manual for the PXIe-6363 and found the following: 


"You can configure the DAQ device to detect changes in the DIO signals, 

which includes Port 0, Port 1, and Port 2"


So it would seem that using detection is limited to those three ports, but you can drive PFI lines 0-15 using digital change detection.


Here's a link to that manual if you'd like to take a look (page 6-23):




Chris D.

National Instruments
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Thanks. I figured out the solution. The reson it wasn't working for PFI lines was that change detection is, by default, a buffered task and only Port0 supports buffered tasks. So, to make it work for PFI lines, I had to add "DAQmx configure input" with its buffer size set to 0. Someone on the forums suggested this and now it works for PFI change detection.



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