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different labview tab colors

I have a tab control and want to make each tab a unique color. When I try to set the color of a tab, it sets all of the tabs. Is there a way to individually set the color of each tab?
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Right Click >> Advanced >> Allow Multiple Colors
Tim Elsey
Certified LabVIEW Architect
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Tim, is there any way to programmatically set the color of individual tabs? 


For example, I have an app where I put status information in a tab.  When an error occurs, I'd like this tab to be red.  Else, some less-alerting color.  


How's that done?


Many thanks in advance,


--Scott Jordan

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there are properties under the property nodes to do this right click the tab control go to crate go to property nodes and than go to color


hope this helps

Harold Timmis
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Thanks, Harold, but Properties | Colors does not seem to offer a tab-specific setting, so one can set the color of a specific tab.  I'm not seeing any effect from it in any case.  There are two sub-properties: foreground color and background color.  If "foreground" means the currently-selected tab, it has no effect.  Similarly, setting the "background" color property for the tab control has no effect.  I'm using LV 8.2 on Windows at present.  (I have no trouble setting individual tab colors using the paintbrush tool.)



Thanks, though, I appreciate the tip.   I'm hoping someone might have a clue as to what I'm doing wrong, or for some other way of getting programmatic tab-color-setting to work. 





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(I hope it's clear that when I said "Properties | Color" I was referring to the Color property of the property node for the tab control.)
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You are right you cant use tab controls "color" property when "multiple tab colors" is set to true. it works only when  "multiple tab colors" is set to False. may be you need to do it as shown in example attached.

Tushar Jambhekar

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Properties>Pages returns an array. You can index the array for a specific page referance and select the F/G color for the page.
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Thank you to everybody who responded, and especially to Tim for the nifty example!
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