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dialog box problem when controlling front panel remotely

I have encountered an issue with the Web Publishing Tool- I have a VI that calls a subvi that uses the Promt User for Input function.  When controlling the front panel from another computer I get a message saying that you "Cannot control subVI front panels remotely" and points you to the machine actually running LabView to enter the information in the Prompt User dialog box.  I set the subVI front panel to show when called, which does show the front panel of the subVI, but still get the error related to the dialog box.
Is there any way to make this work?  Am I missing something obvious?
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Hi Nathan.

There are some limitations with dialog boxes in remote applications.  This tutorial has some good examples and explanations on functionality to avoid with web applications.  Additionally, the LabVIEW online Help offers some general guidance for Viewing and Controlling Front Panels Remotely, which may help you in further developing your application.

Hope that helps!

Lorielle P.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Yes I see, thank you.  Instead of the two button dialog I have written a subvi that serves the same function.





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