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device drivers for PXI 4065

I am using PXI 4065 DMM .
I neec to develop PXI 4065 device drivers with
GPIB commands not with dll,which is available in NI DMM module .
Please suggest me if any device drivers with commands are available
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Your question does not make any sense. You don't have a GPIB instrument so how do you expect to issue commands to a GPIB bus that is not there and even if you did, there is no instrument connected to it? Your options are to use the NI-DMM specific driver or use the IVI class driver for it.
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Hi Dennis,

Previously  AGILENT DMM was used with GPIB communication.

In that they r using NPLC command(Number of Power Line Cycles. Specifies

the A/D converter's integration time in terms of power line cycles. Integration time

is the time during which the A/D converter measures the input signal),DELAY,MEM FIFO,TERM FIFO etc....

I need to replace those commands in PXI 4065.So i need low level commands,so that i can

set some of the commands,I tried to open watever is available under function pallate(after installation of

NI DMM from components/products which is available in device drivers cd),but all have dll format.

so i cant check wat all the commands had been used for configuration.So Please suggest me.


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geeta 1,

For register level programming questions it is best to post to this forum.  This is the Driver Development Kit (DDK) forum and NI Engineers who are familiar with register level programming post here frequently.

When you post to that forum make sure to give as much information on why you would want to create your own driver for the NI-4065.

I would still recommend using the NI-DMM driver, as it is specifically made to interface with our DMM products.  If you have some older code that may prove to be difficult to upgrade, it may be worth keeping that option open to make future development more efficient and faster.


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I believe that function is the niDMM PowerLine Frequency. I hope you don't think that the NI instrument uses the same set of commands (i.e. SCPI - :VOLT:APER:ENAB ON;VOLT:APER 0.100000;). That's just not a reasonable expectation. You might have equivalent functions but even with instruments from the same vendor, you often completely different command sets. I think the low level commands you are looking for just don't exist.

If you had created the original program with an IVI class driver, then you could have easily replaced the old instrument with the new NI instrument. No code changes would be required (well, maybe some minimal changes). As it is, you will have to replace each and every GPIB function call you have. As Signal Slinger mentions though, there is a DDK available and you could in theory create a 'SCPI' like driver for the NI DMM. this would parse out strings you send it and convert to the low level register programming.

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