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My school uses some software developed with Labview that reads information from mydaq and saves it to a spreadsheet, but this software only works on windows.  At the time we were told labview didn't support macs and we had to use windows.  But it looks like there is more support now.

I read another forum post that suggests you can build a standalone application that can be installed on other mac laptops.

Which version of labview would I need to do this, for example is there a cheaper educator version?  Or even an older version of the software?

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If old versions didn't support what you want, why would you ask if there's old versions?


Take a look on sites like Studica.  There's academic priced software there.


You'll need the Application Builder (not sure if that comes with anything other than Pro on Mac)

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I'm not sure when osx support was started.  It's possible it was started sometime before 2017, which means I could find an older cheaper version.

I did look on studica, but oddly it only has a windows version.  If Application Builder is what I need, then I don't think the education version comes with that.  Thanks.

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The support you're worried about is the myDAQ support.  MacOS has gone back a number of years.


myDAQ support was added somewhere in the past few.  I forget when.  You'd need to check the DAQmx Base drivers to see if the support is included in the readme.


But yes, Application Builder is how you build standalone applications.

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You're right, it's not labview that I needed to worry about. It looks like they haven't updated he osx drivers for myDaq in a while.  Until that happens I don't think I can use myDaq with labview on a macbook.

Thanks for the help.

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