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deleting first element from a number red by VISA serial read write vi

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I want to bring the serial number of an RFID card into LAbVIEW and for that i used VISA basic serial read VI..The number red by that is in the following format.... getting a square infront of tis number....How to eliminate that square???

sorry i am very new to LAbVIEW and have no idea about this...So please help me out

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The square indicates a non-printable character. Just use the String Subset or the Search/Split String function with the offset wired to a constant of 1.


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The square indicates the you recieved a "unprintable" ASCII Character.  This could be a "Start of message" indicator from the serial device.  They are often used in some communications.  Reading the device manual would be a good place to learn the expected format.  LabVIEW does have some built-in String functions like "Trim Whitespace,vi" that can removes characters that are whitespace (tabs, spaces etc..) and this snippet shows how to remove all unprintable charaters from a string. 


string class.png

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