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delete row of other column except first column using labview database Connectivity tool

My Database have 7 columns in total.I want to delete row of other columns except the first column. In short I want the first column Unaffected when I'm doing delete operation. Is it possible to do?

If yes kindly help me with solutions.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm also doing the same exercise but here i want to delete a row of selected columns only..for eg:

if my table have 3 three columns col_0 = Sr no , col_1= Name and col_2= id number; so i have to delete only rows of col_1 and col_2 not col_0. Is it possible with database connectivity tool in labview. If so Please help me to find solution.

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Are you wanting to modify the data in the database or modify the table structure to remove the columns?  The only way that I know where you can delete columns of data is to set the value to NULL or 0 or ''(empty string), etc. 


UPDATE table_name SET column = 0 (or NULL or "") WHERE filter_column = some_value


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