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dc servo motor control using pci7354 and umi box 7774

my project dc servo motor control xy table. position control.

i want to use voltage from analog output and triangle wave for make pwm signal.

in MAX at default 7350 setting  axis configuration i select type servo external commutation.

i/o usage output is DAC output and Feedback is encoder 1.

in this i learn from one axis move (accel-max velocity-decel).vi in ni example finder.


my question


1. in my understanding when i set up value (accel,decel,velocity max,target position) motion card will make varies voltage. isn't it ?

     i want to use this dc voltage from analog output for make pwm.

2. at default 7350 setting in MAX i select type servo external commutation when i simulate block diagram with 1-D interactive in MAX it's not work.why is it?



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Hi supersputnikk,


I noticed that you also posted this questions here.  Lets focus on that post.



Kira T

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