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datasocket VI at client side just stops

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Hi guys, I am trying to send microphone-captured sound to another PC (both PCs connected by cross-over cable). I tried various options like TCP, Datasocket but none worked. With TCP it always shows input buffer overflow. With Datasocket, it doesn't show any error but the VI on the remote PC just stops. I have not been able to figure out the problem. I am using LabVIEW 2009 version 9. I am attaching the two VIs for your testing. Please help. Thanks. Regards.
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Hi Rocky,


I looked at your code, and made a few changes. First, I couldn't tell why you were dividing the samples/ch by two for the read sound function. I disabled that. Also, the "Initial Data" you were feeding to the first "sound write" VI and at the default data input of the DataSocket Read function was a waveform cluster. The sound data sent over the DataSocket connection is an array of waveform clusters (one cluster per channel). This probably was causing DataSocket problems for ya.


I set the sound configuration values to what I found in the "Continuous Sound" example VI. I also added a few charts for visual indications.


Note that you must have DataSocket Server running (on windows: Start->Programs->National Instruments->DataSocket->DataSocket Server).


If these don't work, I'd look at network/firewall issues. Also, if you want less latency, consider using straight-up UDP. It should have less overhead than DataSocket (and with a crossover connection, I'd guess you won't have much data loss to worry about).

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Thanks Randy. It is working now. Thanks.
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