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I have tried to use labview and snea signal through my DATAQ (follwing link) but I could not make this to work.

I have attached my uncomplete labview program. would you please help me out.





PS. here is the link I followed.

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What is your problem, exactly? The document gives a pretty detail explanation of how to connect up a very basic application, and while it is not a very well designed LabVIEW program, it should give the basics to start from. Without the activeX installed on our machines we can't do more than look at the code you attached and say" yes, it is incomplete". Can't tell you any more than that. It will be hard to tell you much more than that when you do complete it, since we don't have the ActiveX, nor the hardware, but after you finish it you can then ask more specific questions.

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Thanks for your reply.


My prolem is that I can not make "the channel selected" as shown in the document and when I tried to connect 

that to channel cound it gives me error. Page 13 of the atteched document. I also can not find the attribute node

as mentioned on opage 12 of the document.


Thanks for your help.


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The documentation you linked is how to write a driver for an 3rd activeX tool. It is at least 5 years out of date, because attribute nodes are now called property nodes. You can find the property nodes on the ActiveX palette or by right clicking on an automation reference wire and selecting create»Property Node.


If you are getting an error with a specific activeX function, I would recommend referring to the documentation from DATAQ.

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