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data stream length of each channel is different

I have a DAQ instrument  that face a problem that the data stream length of each channel is different randomly , but it will put "0" value to compensate the difference ,the data are all stored .


I am not sure that whether is the hardware issue or LabVIEW program issue, if is the LabVIEW issue ,how to deal with it ?  thanks !

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I just attach the VI for you to check , this vi is only for one channel . if you have several channels ,you have to create several this VIs for getting data .

if you create several channels , the data count is different between each channel at the same time , the sample rate is same for each channel .

how can i resolve this issue ?


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You did not attach a VI. Even if you dad, it's clear that you are not using NI hardware and that code must have come from the vendor. With an NI card, you read multiple channels at once and you can specify how many samples to read. I would suggest you ask the vendor if that is possible. Otherwise, I suspect that serially polling one channel after another is giving you the results you see
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thanks !

yes, it's not NI hardware. the vendor don't have the VI driver for the multi-channel ,only have the one channel VI driver.

i attach the VI , and if i want to solve this issue, shall i write a multi-channel labview driver ?

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