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data socket transfer data between two computer

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 I have developed a labview program for data acquisition goal.  i need to run one part of my program in one computer and another part of that in other distinct computer. for transfering data between these two computers i have decided to use of data socket protocol. one computer gather data and send data to second computer and second computer will control data acquisition parameter in first computer. now i have developed program but it dosn't work. i wonder if this is enough to connect these two PCs by a network cable together or something else must be done. of course i have some trouble with defining source in data socket protocol. what it must be in two labview program in two distinct computer.


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Start the Datasocket Server on both computers.
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the problem solved.

for data socket transfer ,it is sufficient to connect two computers with a LAN cable as i had done. The problem was because of the URL setting. i had mistake as follow:

==> in main program and remote program, the URL must be the same and the name of computer that data socket server is running must be incloded in both URL. ( my mistake was that i had used two different URL in main and remote program). by the way i understood that it is not neceessary to run data socket server in both computer.but only the one which send data.




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i have some problem in transfering data berween two computers.can u help me out plz.

my email id

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Can you please provide some more information about what you are trying to do and how you are trying to do it?


Assuming you are trying to DataSocket to communicate you should find the following article and example helpful.


Communicating Two VIs in Two Computers Using DataSocket Instead of Shared Variables


DataSocket Tutorial

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error 63  is occuring when same url is given on both the pcs

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You might consider creating a new thread and providing more information about your application. Generally people are more responsive to new threads and being able to understand the whole problem is often very helpful. If you feel like the information in this thread is relevant you can link it to your new thread but I would also advise sumarizing the steps you've taken and the problems you are still seeing.



Alex W.
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Hi, Could I ask to identify the computer name?

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