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data is transfering via VISA write, but different values are coming

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i am giving 5 bytes of data, data is transfering into VISA write operation but at output side different values are getting,

    how can i reslove my problem,

i given a screen shot of my VI please gothrough it,

   please sugguest  me.


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You're not sending 5 bytes. You're sending 5 integers converted to a string. That string is much longer.


We can't say much else about it, as you've given us just a small peace of the puzzle.


Post the code. Also the receiver end.


Why a while loop polling the Stop button if you already have an event structure? Add a Stop value change event, and put the integers and the conversion there...

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in VISA read operation data is not transfering continuously ,i am using event structure for event changing the events are "visa read " and "visa write" operation,

i am using case structure for VISA read operation,

my issue is VISA read operation in case structure , the structure is not  running continuously 

how can i reslove my problem,

please sugggest me  

im placeing my VI please go through it,

thanking you.

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Hi saikranbusharaju,


how can i reslove my problem,

Don't place that VISARead function inside a case structure inside an event structure to have it called continuously…


Btw. when is your event called? "READ" seems to be an indicator and no control usable by your users.


im placeing my VI please go through it,

No, you just attached an image. There is no VI available to us…

Did you note wiebe's request in message #2? Please post the code!

Best regards,
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its my VI . please go through it

 thanking you .

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hi sir\ma'am 

  its my VI please go through it once

 i wanting for your reply.

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Accepted by topic author saikiranbusharaju

You've put typical event stuff outside the event structure, and typical non-event structure things in the event structure.


I'm actually not sure how you get this to do anything useful at all...


Perhaps someone else has something meaningful to say, but most advice will come down to "do some courses" or "here's my completely different solution for you".

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@saikiranbusharaju wrote:

hi sir\ma'am 

  its my VI please go through it once

 i wanting for your reply.

A response time of a few hours to a few days is pretty normal...

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Hi  sir\ma'am, 

      can you please modify my code,my application is i have to transfer the data continuously and user want to operate the process , i done little work and i am trying its,

can you suguest me (or) can you modify my code , 

   i'm sending my VI ,please go through it,

  thanking you.




saikiran busharaju 

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None of us are going to modify your code. Put in the effort first. If your stuck, post your modified code to us and we can offer suggestions.

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