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daqmx function generator with changeble waveform during output



I want to use PCI 6115 as a function generator. This Vi should generate the selected waveform continuously. It can be a simple waveform like DC, sinus, ramp and so on, or a modulated waveform( addition with a high frequence sinus waveform) . The idea was that it can changes the waveform on the fly responding to changing signal type, amplitude, offset, frequency, and phase settings and modulation on the front panel. And the waveform may come out quickly when the change occurs. 


I worte a VI as shown in the picture. But the waveform doesn't change during output. Can you help me?





daqmx function generator.PNG


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Hi Shi,


There is a really good example in the LabVIEW example search, which is using non regeneration.


You can find it at: Hardware Input and Output > DAQmx > Analog Output > Voltage (non-regeneration) - Coutinuous


Hope it is helping 🙂



Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA)
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