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daq assistant hang



I am running LabVIEW 2013 SP1f1, DAQmx 9.8 and NI Max 5.6 on a Win 7 32bit install and can not add the DAQ Assistant Express VI to the block diagram.  So far I have:



- Repaired DAQmx

- Upgraded from 2013 to 2013 SP1

- Deleted DAQmx and reinstalled twice

- Deleted and reinstalled the drivers

- Updated to f1


I am completely stuck here...  any advice?  When I try to place an instance of DAQ Assistant LabVIEW hangs and becomes unrespoinsve requiring force quitting via the task manager.


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Can you try reinstalling your LabVIEW installation first, and then the DAQmx driver?

Thomas N.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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