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cubic spline interpolation coefficients


Hello, everybody,
I would like to read calibration data from a calorimeter as a table (resistance-Y and temperature-X) and determine the X value from these using a cubic spline interpolation for the calibration, to get any mesured Y values. In other words, I would like the individual parameters of the cubic spline in the respective interval. In addition, each individual calibration value has its own balance parameter (measurement error).
Is it possible to set something like this, because I tried it with the different spline VI's but it's not really working...?

Or should I write a programm in Python or C++ and implement it.


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A spline is not a model that represents any physical phenomena. Do you have a theory how the data should look like? In that case, fit it to a nonlinear model that represents the theory. Can you show us some example data and what you have tried?

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