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crossbow driver help

I have just recieved a mib520 usb gateway and mda300 data aquaition boards for my crossbow wireless modules.  I downloaded the crossbow wsn driver for labview and I am trying to read the analog voltage from my mda300.  The read vi for the mda300 is not programmed correctly so I used the mda320 multiple sensors multiple points since they are very similar.  I made a block diagram similar to the read heath example provided with the driver.  I am able to read a time stamp and correct battery voltage from my wireless nodes ( I know this because the data is the same from Moteview program) but I am getting .045 Volts for ADVC(0) on labview.  This is wrong since I have a voltage source hooked up to my mda300 and I am reading the exact voltage from moteview but labview always has the ananlog value close to .045.  Has anyone ran across this problem?  Do I need to get a mda320?  If I do get a mda320 will I be able to read the analog voltage correctly?

I will post my block diagram very soon if this post seems confusing.  Thanks

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attached is my block diagram, the front panel when I run the program and the crossbow moteview program displaying the data.  notice the adc0 for moteview is 1.33 v the value i have set my power supply and the adc0 on lab view which is .04 v.

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Hey John,

Since you are using the VI for the mda320 instead of the mda300, there might be some very subtle difference that is giving you an incorrect number.

For example, just looking at the numbers the software that came with the device reads 1.33 volts.

Your VI reads 0.045 volts. It could be something as simple as the mda320 multiplies the signal by 30 (0.045 volts * 30 = 1.33 volts)


I haven't looked at the subvi's so I cant tell you exactly where the problem lies, however, it is probably because it is not the same version as you should be using. If you look at the subvis mda320 and mda300, double click on the icons, and look at the two next to each other.


Then see if you can see where the different numbers come from, because as I said before, it could be something very simple.


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Cory K
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Hi John and Cory,

I bought MIB520, MDA300 and MTS400. I could read data for my products in Moteview.I tried to produce a GUI using Labview to read from my devices but I keep getting errors. I saw that the you wrote could read results from MDA300.  Can you please send me your file? I need to refer to see what are the things that I didn't set correctly for my .vi file.


I tried to modify the examples given in Read Data and Display Health with Variable by replacing the MTS300 with MTS400 from "WSN Read (MTS400 1Sensor NPoint).vi". Attached is the file that I modified. As I run it after connecting my MIB520 to my PC and turn the MTS400 on, I keep getting Error 8003 as the JPG file attached. Please check and let me know how can I troubleshoot the error and get my Labview functioning for my devices. Please help. Urgent...


Best regards, Kim

my email:

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I also tried to draw the block diagram above but I get error 1073801202. Attached is the vi file and the error I get.

Please let me know how to solve the problem.

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