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cross correlation between two signals with time delay


Hi everyone

I am new to labview and the forum so I apologies in advance. I am trying to-do a cross correlation between two "live/continues" signals with time delay on one of the signals. At the moment I am using a function generator to create one (sin) signal, splitting the signal and delaying one path (this part I have done). But I have tried using the C-correlation express, C-correlation PtByPt, both correlation and convolution Vi’s but can’t get it to work. Is there something that I should be doing before or to the functions themselves. The graph i get is more of a "beat" graph when i believe it should look more like a repeated connected Gaussian. I have attached the VI and an image of my file. Thanks for the help.    

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Do the math.  The cross-correlation of a sinusoid and a delayed version of the same sinusoid should look like the cosine of the delay (or "just another sinusoid").  Sadly, Gauss has nothing to do with it.


Bob Schor

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