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crio 9014


I have a 9014 CompactRIO, I followed the steps of formatting and then I try to install the necessary logiciel .but after installing the system remains in safe mode and the status LED  shows a repeating sequence of two flashes.what should i do ? any help please.

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There are some dipswitches on the front of your controller.  What positions are they all in?


If lack of software was the reason for your safe mode, it'd say "(Safe Mode - No Software Installed)" or something similar in the French equivalent.  By omitting the lack of software installed comment, the most likely reason it's in safe mode is the position of the dipswitch.

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 I got to solve the problem of safe mode, now  my problem is: max do not see the modules installed on the CompactRIO, what is the best version of softwar to install in the target to solve this problem.
the modules are: NI 9215;; NI 9421;; NI 9862;;  

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cRIO modules will not be visible in MAX.  To administrate your controller, create a RT project, and then use the options available in the context menus, and the NI Distributed System Manager.


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