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creating a task



i am doing a program, and i have a big problem...


i will do a summary of what i am doing...


I connect the usb 6009 card to mi pc, and then i run the program...


in the program i have an excel file that have this information:


acceleration    dev4/ai3

speed             dev4/ai0



so this file is used in a lot of computers...and the usb 6009 card, change his dev depending what computer is conected on...


in the program i do a task when read acceleration  dev4/ i work to read the ai3...


i have done a recognizment of the card when i conect to the i have the dev of the card in differents pcs...the ports are always the same...


i have tought that cna be good idea to change the excel file to:  acceleration usb6009/ai3


so when i read it my computer know that there is a usb6009 in dev4, so what can i do to make a task that will be  have this result to work:


1-first time reading excel:


acceleration  usb6009/ai3


2- recognice usb6009 with the programm and take what dev is..(dev4)


3- compare:


so when is usb6009/ai3-->change the usb6009/ai3 to dev4/ai3

4- create the task to work...


i think you will understand...


if someone have a question please write and i will try to answer or to explain it better..



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Frist off you need to keep this discussion in one place.


But if you modify the VI I gave you yesterday you can actually get the device names for any connected device and use that in you code. See below:



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Simple answer would be "Problem as well as Formula is given to you, find out the solution".


The best solution is the one you find it by yourself
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hi i am a partner of alan, we are working together...


we are building our programm, we have an execel file with the names of variable and the pins or channel we havr to use...

the excel table will be like this



i think i can do it like this:


read the excel file and search if there is an usb6009, this i will do with i program i have done in labview, so after that,

i will do, an 'if' , if i have read it, read the dev i have recognized with the labview and the channel i have said...


so i have read usb6009/ai3 change it for dev4/ai3 and do a task to read this channel...


do you understand??


leer el excel y buscar si hay un usb6009 en el archivo, y con el programa
puedo reconocer que placa he conctado y que device es, cambiar el excel , o

hacer un if de esta manera

si he  leido usb6009/AI3
hacer esto???


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sorry last 3 or 4 lines are incorrect!

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